Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shelving Unit

Sadly i did not make this shelving unit, or antique it, but i bought this at Roberts arts and crafts of all places, it was twenty bucks on sale, and its two standing on top of each other. it was a great find for college because the whole thing comes apart, the shelves come out and everything so it can easily fit in your trunk, and its lite as a feather, so if you don't have any boys to move you in, no worries! or if you do have boys to move you in, but they're weak boys, then no sweat, they could at least act strong by carrying these all up in one lite trip:)

Close up Shelving Unit

The Baskets on the shelves are just the linen baskets you can get anywhere, i got mine at target, they are super cheap and they come in every color you can imagine.

Surfing Collage

My Beautiful surfing collage....

Collage of surfers

All of these pictures are from surfing magazine, and i wasn't planning on bringing it to college but where else was i supposed to hang my necklaces?? its perfect, i bought the nobs at the Bisy Bidy in Orem, and made everything else including the frame which is a million times harder than you would think without the right tools, but it was totally worth it:)

Calender/Magnet Board

This is my most favorite creation yet! it took forever to create all of the months and calendars because they are exchangeable, college semesters are about four months, and i change it out to the new months when the new semester comes, its genius! :) i also love the colors because it really brightens up my room which is antiquey and gray...

Close Up