Thursday, July 17, 2014

Glacier National Park

 Other then the fact that we are pumpkin orange this was the beginning of our Glacier National Park trip!  This was the beautiful drive on Going-to-the-Sun-Road.

 Our first stop on the trip was Logan Pass where we got to see Goats, coyotes, Marmots, even a grizzly bear way far up the mountain.  In fact, the only animals we didn't get to see on the trip were Moose(although we heard them), and Mountain goats.

Baby Henly's very first hike. 6 weeks old and he slept for most of the trip, just what we were hoping he would do, little angel.

Here we see Spencer and Henly Fitting in with the other tourists.

Then we headed on over to Many Glacier Region.  This is the first area we explored while looking for moose and bears, I swear every person we passed got to see the animals but we missed them by a hair

 This is the trail to Glacier Lake...Absolutely Stunning Hike.

This is on the way back, we did get to see a bear.  It was about twenty feet away from us, just off the trail and we would have gotten a picture of it but sadly our survival instincts were stronger and we just sped by as quickly as possible, I will always remember it in my mind though.  To bad you can't see into my mind.

We had a game to see how many Subaru Outbacks we could spot, 
and let me tell you about half of the cars occupying Montana
 are Subaru Outbacks.

This is the beautiful Red Rock/Mosquito Infestation Lake, 
it really was beautiful though.

Grinnell Lake, this is where we heard some moose calls, but didn't see any moose:(.

 Here is mom sharing her chips with
a chunky squirrel we found at Grinnell 
Lake.                               ->

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