Saturday, May 30, 2015

Laura's Quiet Book

Oh my gosh!!  This quiet book took for freaken' ever.  First, I promised to have it done by christmas for my sisters little kiddos, but there was no way.  So I made a new deal to have it done by their birthday.  Yeah...that didn't happen either. So here I sit, long after the kids have gone to bed, finishing up this horrible, frustrating, headache inducing, QUIET BOOK!  

Oh man, I am ready to take a break.

For my future self:  Don't let this post deter you from making another one for Henly in the future.  When I was little, my very favorite thing to do in sacrament was pull out the quiet book my grandma Hicken made for me and play with all the little toys and treats she tucked into it.  Hopefully one day I will make one for my little grandchildren too.

Harvesting a garden
This book is supposed to remind Laura's kiddos of home,
 so this garden page goes along with Grandma and Pop pop's garden.
Harvesting Pop pop's apple trees.
Every apple has a little snap, to help Mavic with his fine motor skills.
Baking sweets with Grandma Diana, is Violets favorite thing to do!
Put the fruit in the pie and weave
Something I have noticed these days is little girls have no lace up shoes!
Violet can practice lacing these up and then tying them.
Chicago doesn't have any mountains so this is to remind them of home.

Who doesn't like tic-tac-toe?  And this way you never run out of paper.
Counting activity, if you know Laura you know she loves cupcakes.
Match the sprinkles with the number.

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