Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cruisin' in many ways

A few more pics of our cruise, want to go back so bad!

Cozumel, enjoying a nice cold coconut, and petting our friend Boe.

Scootering around the island.

It rained on us for awhile, but as my enthusiastic husband likes to say, "just think of it like an adventure!" and so it was.

This picture doesn't do this beach justice, it was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen!  We were a little worried though about the notice sign to my left, the whole time we were swimming we were terrified of getting eaten by lethal sharks, or stung by mutant jelly fish, turns out it only says rip tide.

Goodbye Cozumel.


The ghetto local version of Dunn River Falls, but we loved it.  Notice how sun burnt we are from Cozumel.

The taxi ride was a little nerve racking, and we were hustled many times by many different locals, but what the heck!        it was beautiful there and we will have stories from this trip for the rest of our life, and our grandchildren will get a good laugh.  :)

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