Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Lovely June Wedding

It was six months ago but I figure it is never to late!  So here is my wedding, my mom and me spent six long months planning it to the very last detail, and it couldn't have turned out any better!  It was perfect, everything went just right, it was a little breezy at the ceremony but as soon as we got home to our quaint back yard the wind died down, the people filed in, and Me Spencer got to enjoy a casual get together with our family, friends, & neighbors.  

Oh YUM!! to bad we didn't get to eat any of it!

Roughing it in my crocheted footies:)

Baby V had a blast dancing!
and so did I :)
But I think Spencer had the most fun, of us all!
A few sweet favors.

The most creative surprise that my lovely mom put together.

and then we were off!

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